Alicia Florrick’s Too Real Ending

Last night I watched the series finale of The Good Wife. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show; sometimes it felt too real. But I did follow the storylines and it was good to see Julianne Margulies working after ER. So I knew when Alicia Florrick no good flawed husband (Chris Noth) stand trial. it was not going Alicia’s way. She wasn’t Tammy Wynette, but she would stand by him. Even if it meant having an attorney cast doubt on Dianne Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) husband’s expert testimony. One more time, Alicia stood by her husband as he resigned. She only left his side when she thought she saw her boyfriend Jason in the shadows. But it wasn’t him. Then Dianne came towards Alicia. Without saying a word, she slapped Alicia across the face. Hard.For a moment Alicia lost her balance. Held her cheek. Dianne walked away. Alicia recovered. Stood up straight. Walked away. End scene.
People were not happy. I can’t say I blame them. We wanted our happy ending, damnit! Don Draper did terrible things, but he did learn to meditate and taught the world to sing, damnit! So why end the show on such a down note.
I went on The Good Wife’s FB page and found a note from the show runners. They said they started the show with a slap (Alicia slapping Peter after a humiliating press conference) and they wanted to end the show with a slap. The victim hurts someone. A friendship is ruined. No staying tuned for the next episode. That’s all, folks. Porky will see you the way out.

One has to wonder man, would it be so hard for them to give Alicia a happy ending? Or a semi happy ending? In hindsight, I get it. Sometimes happy endings aren’t possible. In my fiction I’ve noticed I don’t do happy endings with everything tied in a nice neat knot. Life is messy. Life is hard. You have to show how the character has changed. If you’re writing for young adults, you give them a glimmer of hope.
Alicia Florrick is no young adult, She’s an adult woman in her early fifties who betrayed a friend/mentor. She’s never going to get over her love for dear departed Will (Josh Charles) She is more jaded, sadder than before. She may or may not run for public office. She has changed. The thing is, she didn’t change the way we wanted her to. It reminded me again why I didn’t watch the show on a regular basis: too real.


  1. Kayla Dawn says

    I watched every week for the entire series. I wasn’t shocked that people reacted as they did….however, I didn’t want a happy ending goofed together for the sake of closure. Sure, it made a lot of people uncomfortable, but that’s life. The show has a history of leaving the audience feeling a bit unsettled as they confront massive life issues and the female perspective. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been through the wringer these last couple years, but I was proud of them for ending in a moment of reality…she sold her friend out for the husband who abused her for years. It is a sobering moment where she is left alone and has to start over from scratch. Alicia Florick is alone rather than surrounded by people who need, want or require something from her. As an avid fan, I approved the ending more than enjoyed it. I didn’t turn on the episode thinking it would be an easy ending

    I also agree with Candice in that the scenes with Josh Charles were truly a welcomed addition. They gave us time with the couple we loved, but used him in a way that was sobering.

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