No More Muffies

In 2003, Anna Quinlen wrote this: I am so tired of abortion, tired of the dishonesty of the arguments, of the intractability of the conflict, mainly of the insensibility of those who pass judgment. No matter what is legislated, adjudicated or pontificated, women will continue to find a way to end pregnancies that they cannot… [Keep Reading]

Put That Lady on The Ten Dollar Bill!

Last night I watched the Republican Presidential Debate. Why? Because I knew it would be unintentionally funny? Because I knew they would get facts wrong? Because I figured I would have fun live-tweeting it?   All of the above (reminder: my twitter name is jenniferkate. Follow me!) The most surprising–and jaw-dropping–was a throwaway one: If… [Keep Reading]

Chelsea Morning

  “Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter has gone missing,” I heard this in a Lyft car while heading home. At first I thought, wait, what? The DJ Pat St. John revealed Chelsea had been missing for a week. She had her service dog Bear with her. She needed to be found because she’s on medication and needs… [Keep Reading]

The Surprising Feminism of Holly Madison

I’ve been looking over my summer reading list and man, I can safely say it’s eclectic. We have two Meg Cabots, a couple of novels (Sarah Dessen‘s Saint Anything, Clint McCown’s War Memorials, and Jami Attenburg’s Saint Mazie. All of them are fantastic) Several graphic novels, because I wanted to see what the big fuss… [Keep Reading]

Miss World

So even though I’m a banned feminist,feminism keeps following me around. What can I tell you? I’m that type of girl. Oops, I should’ve said woman. Sorry reddit feminists! I was lucky to get the ebook version of Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist through the library. I haven’t started it yet, but I know it’s going… [Keep Reading]