Harry and Clare, Skyying

  When I heard about Clare Alden MacIntyre-Ross’ death, I started weeping. You might be thinking who is Clare MacIntyre-Ross? It’s a long story. It’s a story about summer camp, young love, partings, and then was translated into a song made even more poignant when the man who sang it died way too young. Clichéd… [Keep Reading]

In Cold Blood Turns 50

The morning of November 16, 1959 must’ve started off like any other for Truman Capote. He lit up a cigarette, ate breakfast, and read the New York Times. No doubt he had plans for the day. Writing, of course. Lunch with Babe Paley, one of his “Swans” at 21. No doubt he saw an ad… [Keep Reading]

I Have a Rendezvous with Death

  When I was in seventh grade my mother and I moved. It wasn’t a huge move; just several blocks away. We did the big furniture moving two days before. I was thirteen. The past year I’d been bullied everyday at school. If it wasn’t boys saying how ugly I was, mean girls joined in…. [Keep Reading]

American Girls Speak Out!

    Hello, and welcome again to the Gibbons Forum. Last month the conservative group One Million Moms came out against the American Girl brand. When one thinks of American Girl, normally they think of the beautiful dolls and their accessories, the interconnected books, and the American Girl magazine. It is the latter that has… [Keep Reading]

To a Terrorist

To a Terrorist by Stephen Dunn For the historical ache, the ache passed down which finds its circumstance and becomes the present ache, I offer this poem without hope, knowing there’s nothing, not even revenge, which alleviates a life like yours. I offer it as one might offer his father’s ashes to the wind, a… [Keep Reading]