Call Her Anna

From the wonderful website Super Hero Lunchbox: I was quite a bit older when I realized that Patty’s performance as Neely was adored by queer people the world over, and older, still, when I found out that she embraced this fandom with all her heart. She was OUR GIRL, from way back. Anna – this… [Keep Reading]

When Boomer Met Nick Moats

Warning: this blog contains spoilers to the TV shows American Crimes and St. Elsewhere. It is also mentioning violence and rape. In other words, this isn’t one of my fun blogs about Muppets, entertainment, or books. You’ve been warned. I just watched the season premiere of American Crimes, the anthology show starring Timothy Hutton and… [Keep Reading]

Farewell, Trapper John

In any successful acting team, they have to have chemistry. They need to keep funny lines coming. They need to not overstep the other’s lines, to let the other have their turn. We’ve seen this with Abbott and Costello, Cagney and Lacey (Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly) and the Gilmore Girls (Lauren Graham and Alexis… [Keep Reading]

And So She Goes

In eighth grade, I had Good Morning America on for background noise as I got ready for school. I always wanted to know the news; occasionally my social studies teacher Mrs. Preston would quiz us on news topics and I always won the Snickers she offered as a prize. On Fridays, Linda Ellerbee came on… [Keep Reading]