Goodnight, Pat McCormick

  If you grew up in the Bay Area during the 70’s and 80’s, chances are you watched KTVU. They had a catchy slogan (“There’s only one 2!”), they had the best cartoons (Spider Man, Bugs Bunny), they showed racy movies, (nude scenes in Walkabout and Ryan’s Daughter) and they had Bob Wilkins doing Creature… [Keep Reading]

Ain’t She Sweet?

When you think of the Beatle wives, a line from poet Ted Berrigan comes to mind: “Feminine, marvelous and tough.” Cynthia Lennon was proof of the definition. She never could escape being the first Mrs. John Lennon and she learned to live with his looming shadow. Read the rest at Stereo Embers…

Salon Salon I’m In Salon

In 1996, I was getting my feet with the Internet. Mostly for research purposes; I was realizing it wasn’t like disco; It wasn’t going to fade away. So I took a class in school in how to use the Internet for research. We all got emails (I think mine was or something similar) then… [Keep Reading]