Call Her Anna

From the wonderful website Super Hero Lunchbox: I was quite a bit older when I realized that Patty’s performance as Neely was adored by queer people the world over, and older, still, when I found out that she embraced this fandom with all her heart. She was OUR GIRL, from way back. Anna – this… [Keep Reading]

Harry and Clare, Skyying

  When I heard about Clare Alden MacIntyre-Ross’ death, I started weeping. You might be thinking who is Clare MacIntyre-Ross? It’s a long story. It’s a story about summer camp, young love, partings, and then was translated into a song made even more poignant when the man who sang it died way too young. Clichéd… [Keep Reading]

Here’s to the Swans

One of my favorite novels of 2016 is The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. It details Truman Capote’s friendships with several high profile women, calling them his “Swans.” The Swans were beautiful, married well or were lucky enough to be born wealthy. They weren’t stupid, oh no. They loved to read, see movies,… [Keep Reading]

Pat Conroy’s wide wide water

Pat Conroy was born to a dysfunctional family. It was a blessing and a curse. The eldest of seven, Conroy was physically and verbally abused by his father, then was an unwilling witness as Donald Conroy did the same to his brothers and sisters and their beloved mother Peggy. One time during a family altercation,… [Keep Reading]

In Cold Blood Turns 50

The morning of November 16, 1959 must’ve started off like any other for Truman Capote. He lit up a cigarette, ate breakfast, and read the New York Times. No doubt he had plans for the day. Writing, of course. Lunch with Babe Paley, one of his “Swans” at 21. No doubt he saw an ad… [Keep Reading]