The Ballad of Lois Duncan and Kait Arquette

  Nobody did suspense better than Lois Duncan. Throughout my childhood, her paperbacks were always in drugstores, libraries, and bookstores. The covers usually had a beautiful girl scared about something. She had the seventies parted hair, beautiful complexion. Duncan hated it when her books were called horror. She preferred the term suspense. No matter what… [Keep Reading]

The Stories That Choose Us

I’ve debated about writing this blog. I’ve debated if it’s necessary, if I would be overexplaining, what have you. But if something is bothering me I’ve found the way to get over it is to write about it. So to quote Miss Bette Davis, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride…. [Keep Reading]

The Lost Girl

People have asked if I could repost this blog from last year-here you go. It is connected to two blogs I’ve written about before. I went to Queen of Heaven Cemetary  for All Saints Day. I was visiting my grandparents’ graves. I hadn’t been there in six months. I dropped off bright red carnations. It… [Keep Reading]

Cold Case of the Month: Suzanne Arlene Bombardier

    In June 21, 1980 Suzanne (known to everyone as Suzie) Bombardier was babysitting her nieces at her sister’s apartment in Antioch, California. It was the first night of summer. Suzie just finished eighth grade and was going to start her last year of junior high in the fall. The San Francisco Examiner reported that Suzie… [Keep Reading]