You Outta Know The Internet

Longtime readers of this blog know that I love J.C. Lillis and her writing. I’m convinced we’re long lost family members. Today she went back to 1995, when-gulp! She started to hear about this new thing called the Internet. It made me get into Sophia Petrillo mood. Picture it, October 1995. Pleasant Hill, California. Bill… [Keep Reading]

You’ve Now Been Cultured

I am finally writing about my New York/Vermont adventures. Me being me, I wanted some time to pass before I took on writing about everything. There were two Musts I had to do when I arrived: Go to the Paley Center and the Museum of Modern Art. You might be wondering: What the heck is… [Keep Reading]

Pink Suit/Style Icon Finale!

Today was the deadline to finish the first book club selection The Pink Suit, plus blog about your favorite style icon. I’m happy to say two people blogged about their style icons! Annette Talbert pays tribute to Miss Edith Head Nancy Brady Wilson writes about her style icons, proving you don’t have to be famous to have… [Keep Reading]

Jackie’s Strength

She never wanted to be a leader. If she had her way, she would’ve been with her children, or reading a book. Yet she promised her husband she would go with him to Dallas. She packed her pink suit. It was really more of a raspberry color, but pink would do. She worn it several… [Keep Reading]

Pink Suit Update!

      I was hoping to discuss the book on July 28th (on what would’ve been JBKO’s 85th birthday) however, I realized that wouldn’t be fair since people are waiting for it to be delivered/library hold list. I am aiming for the first week of August. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can also… [Keep Reading]