The Ballad of Lois Duncan and Kait Arquette

  Nobody did suspense better than Lois Duncan. Throughout my childhood, her paperbacks were always in drugstores, libraries, and bookstores. The covers usually had a beautiful girl scared about something. She had the seventies parted hair, beautiful complexion. Duncan hated it when her books were called horror. She preferred the term suspense. No matter what… [Keep Reading]

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

It was a Monday, ten days before Halloween. Believe it or not, I don’t remember everything about the day-a shock! But I do remember coming up like normal, watching Guiding Light (and wondering if the Infinity storyline was ever going to end) then I I put something else on. The news was on, and they… [Keep Reading]

Medea By The Lake

It was the last week of October, 1994. I was taking classes at the local community college, that semester Critical Thinking, Typing and Foreign Cinema. Every week I was writing one short story after another. They were incredibly rough and more germs of stories rather than actual short stories.  Around that time a woman my… [Keep Reading]