A Real Big Success

  It was a surprise but it wasn’t a surprise. When Rock Hudson made an appearance to help Doris Day promote her new TV show, all the signs that he wasn’t well were there. No longer was he the handsome matinee idol of Pillow Talk and Giant. This man was terribly thin, gaunt. He smiled… [Keep Reading]


He was the first president I knew of. When I saw his picture once on a magazine, my grandmother pointed it out. “That’s our president, his wife, and their daughter Amy. She’s a couple of years older than you.” They were all grinning big toothy Carter grins. I had no idea what happened before he… [Keep Reading]

Here’s the Story About a Man Named Brady

It wasn’t supposed to be a moment in history. Ronald Reagan just made a speech to AFL-CIO representatives at a Hilton. With him of course was several Secret Service men, several aides, and press secretary James Brady. Only forty at the time, Brady held several press related jobs through the years for the Republican party…. [Keep Reading]