Why Welk Still Matters

  The past three weeks I keep on thinking of the beginning of Howard Beale’s famous speech from Network: “I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.” Two shootings in five days. The attack on Paris. We have a presidential candidate who makes fun of disabled people. His supporters… [Keep Reading]

That Danitra Vance

February 15th I have big plans. What are they? I am going to curl up in a chair and watch Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary. I haven’t watched the show since 2008 when Tina Fey killed as Sarah Palin. Now I’m watching again. My favorite cast member is Leslie Jones. Hired after a recent controversy… [Keep Reading]

Live from New York, Don Pardo!

He had a huge voice, a booming voice. It was the voice that announced so many comedy stars: Dan Ackroyd. John Belushi. Chevy Chase. Jane Curtin. Lariane Newman. Garrett Morris. Gilda Radner. Eddie Murphy. Joe Piscopo. Julia Louis Dreyfus. Dana Carvey. Phil Hartman. Jan Hooks. Chris Rock. Molly Shannon. Will Ferrell. Tina Fey. Jimmy Fallon…. [Keep Reading]